In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, Lipton® is working with the ME to WE Foundation to help prevent the spread of the virus in tea-farming communities in Kenya by providing 35,000 people with access to essential resources, training and education around health and sanitation.

Giving back to communities in Kenya, where your tea is grown

Lipton® and the ME to WE Foundation are teaming up for a third year to empower community members in a Kenyan tea-farming community. Over the past two years, we’ve empowered over 115,000 people with access to opportunities like financial literacy and business skills training, helping community members earn a sustainable income and become leaders and entrepreneurs. ​

This year, our goal is to reach 35,000 more community members, and achieve our larger goal of empowering 150,000 people. We’re committed to giving back in the communities where your tea is grown, so that the tea farmers and their families can build a brighter future!

Meet Mary Koech: a third-generation tea farmer turned financial trainer

Find out what community members are learning in financial literacy training

They’re gaining the skills to become economically self-sufficient, so they can provide for their families and build a brighter future. Here’s some of the ways the training comes to life:


Participants form small groups to discuss and apply their learnings together.



Participants are taught the importance of bookkeeping and setting financial goals in business operation.



Participants learn the qualities of an entrepreneur and how to play an active role in decision-making.

How farmers are applying the training to their day-to-day lives

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