Because of you, so many lives have been changed around the world. Thank you for being on this incredible journey with us!

Your choice to make an impact helps empower youth and families around the world through ME to WE’s partner, WE Charity. Globally, you’re supporting sustainable development projects that give communities the tools to break the cycle of poverty and build a bright future. Locally, you’re helping give young people the tools to look after their well-being and the well-being of others, as well as equipping them to take action on causes they care about. Below, explore the impacts you’ve been part of making possible.


International Impacts

When you shop products that give back internationally, you’re empowering children and families with the tools to create a bright future. And with our chocolate, coffee and jewelry, every product invests in the farmers and artisans who create it by supporting initiatives in their communities such as education and business training.


Giving a child an education is the best way to set them up for success and break the cycle of poverty. Your Education impact supports projects like building new classrooms and helping students access supplies like pencils and books, ensuring they have all they need to succeed in school. Watch this video to meet Thalia, a cacao farmer in Ecuador, and see how chocolate is helping her build a brighter future for her son Ariel.


Children—especially girls—can only attend school if they have access to clean water. It frees girls from the daily task of collecting water for their families and prevents waterborne illnesses that make children sick and unable to go to school. Your Water impact helps provide sustainable clean water solutions like wells, hand-pumps, school washrooms and hand-washing stations—watch this video to see how water is creating a ripple of change in Oloirien, Kenya.


Children can only attend school when they and their parents are healthy and have access to health care, something that's even more critical during COVID-19. Your Health impact helps families access preventive health care, like vitamins, vaccinations, health clinics and education on preventing the spread of illness. Watch this video to meet a doctor in Mondaña, Ecuador, who is helping ensure local families have access to quality health care.


Your Opportunity impact helps empower women and men with financial tools and training, helping them earn a sustainable income and inspire their families and communities to lift themselves out of poverty. Watch this video to meet Carmen Chavez, a coffee farmer in Ecuador, to find out how, through access to opportunity, she’s breaking the norms to raise her daughter Ruiz.


Children can only attend school if they are well fed. Hungry, malnourished children are at best inattentive, at worst, sick. Your Food impact helps support programs that promote food security and improved agriculture, like school gardens and irrigation projects—ensuring communities have better access to healthy food. Watch this video to meet Johana and Mercy Rono and see how they’re transforming their family’s future through farming.

Domestic Impacts

When you shop products that give back locally, you’re helping give young people the tools to bring positive change in themselves and the world and take action on causes they’re passionate about. Read more below about the ways your purchase empowers youth at home!


By supporting experiential service-learning programs for schools, you’re helping empower future leaders and change-makers. Your impact helps teachers access tools and resources, like lesson plans and action campaigns, to engage their students in learning about social issues and in making a difference locally and globally. You’re also ensuring teachers and students have the tools they need to continue learning at home during COVID-19. Watch the video to meet a group of Washington students who are taking action against local hunger.

Woman laughing in Kenya
Woman laughing in Kenya

By supporting the WE Well-being program, you help empower youth, educators and families with the resources and tools to promote their own well-being and the well-being of their community—something that’s needed more than ever as we face the stress of COVID-19. Your impact helps support resources like online toolkits and an interactive playbook to help youth and families get through this challenging time.

Young woman on her computer
Young woman on her computer

By supporting WE Social Entrepreneurs, you’re helping young Canadians take their ideas for social change to the next level—passion and innovation that’s especially needed now. Your impact helps support virtual programs for youth that connect them with like-minded individuals and industry professionals and help them develop their ideas and business plans.

Thank you again for making an impact and being part of our journey: click below to explore ways you can continue to shop and change lives. From chocolate to coffee, we ensure an ethical, transparent supply chain with every product, so you can be confident in knowing your purchase invests in and empowers the people who create it.